Play At Betmotion’s Bingo Tournament To Win Yet More Prizes


Would you like to enjoy an exciting video bingo tournament and win up to $300. Betmotion offers you this chance by creating a fund of $1000 to be given out among the winners of the tournament. If you get to be in the first place you will earn the $300, whereas lower positions in the game’s results will allow you to earn decreasing prizes up to the tenth position, which will be of $20.

Better to be on the top positions then, don’t you think so? The second place will win a $200 prize, the third one $150, and so on. So now that you know the results that await you, let’s take a look on how to play in the tournament.

First of all you must know which are the video bingos available for taking part in the tournament, because not all video bingos in the site are included. The ones which are part of the tournament are Plus 3, Champion Bingo II, Super 10, King 3, Pharaos, Super 50, Multimega, Super 25, and Champion. We’ve reviewed some of them in our Video Bingos section, which you will find in the main menu of this site.

To earn the points that will lead you to gain positions in the tournament, you need to bet the highest amount of them all. You earn one point every $7 you bet. In this way, if by the end of each week you are the player who gained more points by playing more rounds than the rest, you will have won the tournament for that week.

So, if you like video bingos you will love the thrill of a tournament such as this one. Have the courage to take part in it and enjoy the extra prizes. Once you have given it a shot you can always go back to the regular video bingo playing mode.

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