Turbo H is a Video Bingo game with classic features. For those not used to online games, Turbo H offers a very accessible way to play.

Regarding its general features, Turbo H is a 90-ball bingo that allows you to play with up to four cards.

Of course, you can choose the number of cards you want to play with.

The level of prizes you can win varies depending on the number of cards you choose, but bear in mind that your available credit can limit how many tickets you can play.

For instance, you have the chance to win the Jackpot as long as you are playing with all four cards.

Another requirement to win that big prize is to complete one card within the first thirty balls drawn.

A particular feature of Turbo H, which you will not find in all video bingos, is that you can win the jackpot no matter in what bet level you are playing.

In many games you need to be placing your bets at the highest level in order to qualify as a potential jackpot winner.

On the contrary, in Turbo H you can win the jackpot at any bet level, but in a proportional way: if you are playing on the first level, you gain 20% of the jackpot, in the second, you will take home 40%, and from the third level onward you can win it completely.

In addition, Turbo H has up to thirteen extra balls which enhance your winning opportunities.

There are also twelve awards per card, which means you can form up to twelve different figures in each play. If you form several of them on the same card, the prizes add up.

In the following video you will find examples of two spins. In the second one, the game ends with the extra balls.

The excitement you’ll feel before the last one comes out is worthy of an Oscar ceremony, with drums playing while you wait for the last ball.

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