silverballSilverball is a 90 Ball Bingo where you can play from one to four cards of three rows and five columns each.

You are also able to change the cards every time you want before any play in order to choose numbers suitable to your taste.

There are 8 extra balls in every play and each card has three different prizes available.

Silverball offers up to ten betting levels that allow you to vary the total amount of your wager and therefore the quality of the prizes you can win.

As always, the more you gamble the bigger the prize you can win.

The Jackpot is won when you are playing with all four cards, from the third betting level onwards and once you manage to fully complete any of the cards within the first 30 balls that come out.

You can also choose the speed at which the game is played: a turbo button speeds up the balls to the point that the plays are almost instantaneous.

In one moment you will see all the numbers marked on the cards you are playing.

At normal speed, balls are shown gradually, lasting longer, so this could add some intrigue and emotion to the game.

Either way, Silverball is an online bingo game that you will enjoy for its attractive and well achieved design.

Besides, sound effects emulate those of a typical industrial station, with metal crashing all around, and a lightning storm that adds a dynamic visual display, making the game more entertaining than usual Bingo games.

The numbered balls fall on a vertical and central space that has two cards on each side (thus completing the four cards you are able to play) and when reaching the bottom of the screen the balls are separated right and left alternately.

These visual changes in video bingo games are the main differences that add character to bingo games in general, and Silverball has a good combination of simplicity and visual seduction.

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