show ball bingoIn Show Ball you have a great video bingo which you shouldn’t miss, because of its friendly interface and the fast pace of the game.

To enjoy the emotion of playing Show Ball you must choose to play from one to four cards.

To play with just one will let you save more cash and make your playing last longer, but on the other hand, the more cards you use for each game will let you access higher level of prizes, as for example the jackpots.

Show Ball cards are formed by three rows and five columns, making a fifteen number card.

You’ll be able to see all the possible winning combinations on top right cornenr of the game’s screen, which span from the single horizontal line up to a full card with all the number marked in it and other intermediate figures, such as a “V”, an “X”, or an “H” figure, or the four corners of the card, etc.

bingo show ball

The game is played with 30 initial balls, after which you can choose to get ten extra balls to pursue the luck which maybe you didn’t reach in the first draw.

Experienced players will find quite attractive the effect of getting the extra balls, because you must click on a black ball and hold so that its number gradually begins to display itself.

This effect adds more emotion to the playing experience, so if you want a good thrill while playing, Show Ball is a good option.

Also, the recorded voices you hear when you get some prize, and the game’s music, makes it really fun and quite enjoyable, whether you are making your first steps at playing video bingos or also if you have dwelled for long in this thrilling world of online gaming.

showball videobingo

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