samba bingoSamba Bingo seduces players with its colorful display and its rhythm and music.

While the aesthetics of the game has a huge variety of colors, the screenplay is very intuitive and easy to handle.

In addition, Brazilian rhythms that play constantly in Samba Bingo add further enthusiasm to the game.

It also allows you to play up to four cards of three lines and five columns each.

You can change the numbers in these cards every time you want before starting the game.

Bets at Samba Bingo range from $0.10 to $5.00, making this game a good choice for the conservative player and those who need to reduce their bet levels a little bit.

A notable feature in this Video Bingo is that on the top of the screen there are small images with all the possible figures you can form in the game cards to win the prizes.

Beside each image there is a sign indicating the amount you win when you manage to form any of these.

This is quite convenient for those who are learning how to play online bingo, since it helps to visualize (and even memorize) all winning paylines on the cards and its payback.

More experienced players will also find it comfortable to look into the same gaming screen to see which combinations are the wining ones.

Once the play is finished and all balls were thrown away, you can still buy up to 10 extra balls to see if you can complete any play and win one of the fantastic Samba Bingo prizes.

On the other hand, if you are lucky to fill a card within the first 30 balls, you win the jackpot of 100,000 coins.

If you are not so lucky but manage to fill it with the first 35 through the extra balls, the prize is quite fancy, too.

While playing with this game you will discover more of these details and the amounts of each prize.

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