plus3 bingoIn Plus 3, a very succesful video bingo, you can play with up to four cards, as is usually the case in most video bingos.

Each card is formed with three rows and five columns, so they have fifteen cells with a number each.

In the low section of the window you will see all the different combinations you can form on the cards to win the game’s prizes.

From a simple horizontal line to the bingo you get when you fill all the cells, they are all visible for you to know how close or how far you get from winning in each different hand.

Plus 3 is played with 30 balls, and the chance to keep playing with up to 10 extra balls when you haven’t reached any prize on the first thirty of them.

Also, this video bingo offers many different betting levels, which allow you to choose how much you will be spending in each draw.

plus3 videobingo

However, bear in mind that the higher the betting level you choose, the better chances you will have to win bigger prizes.

For example, you can get the jackpot of the game as long as you are playing with the four cards and in the highest betting level.

Another strenght in Plus 3 is its quality graphic design, which, combined with some good sound effects, manages to give players a different feel compared to the common online bingo rooms.

Plus 3, as most of the other video bingos, has managed to create a new kind of game which brings together the attractive design of slot machines with the thrill of traditional bingo games.

The possibility to choose among different betting levels lets you enjoy the games for a long time even if you don’t have much cash, and this is a great advantage of Video Bingos. Plus 3 is a really good example of all those features.

video bingo plus3

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