pharaohsAncient Egypt aesthetics are the main characteristics of video bingo Pharaos. It is a 90 ball bingo which you can play with up to four cards of 15 numbers each.

Pharaos video bingo is notable for having each of its four cards shaped as pyramids.

Moreover, the sound effects are those of large blocks of stone moving from one place to another, as if we were sound witnesses of the construction of the great pyramid of Ghiza or the famous Sphinx that guards it.

But besides its elaborate graphic design, Pharaos is an interesting game with quite a few possibilities.

For example, it features nine extra balls, and sometimes you can even get a tenth one for free. There are four prizes per card, and 10 bet levels.

From the third level onwards, you can win the Jackpot if you are playing with all four cards and you manage to fill one of them with the first 30 balls that come out.

There is an option to play in turbo mode, where the output of the numbered balls is almost instantaneous; this way you can see almost immediately how many numbers you have covered on each card.

On the other hand, if you turn off this turbo option, it will slow down the draw of the balls and the matching numbers on your cards will color themselves automatically as they come out.

pharaohs bingo

The values of the betting coins in Pharaos are $0.5, $0.10 and $0.25, and the amount of the Jackpot depends on the wager you are placing.

The highest the wager the larger the jackpot will be and vice versa.

Before the play begins you can change the numbers on your cards as often as you want.

These changes will occur in all cards automatically at the same time, no matter if you are playing with just one or with all four cards.

In this way, once you find the set of numbers that you like best, you can start playing Pharaos confidently.

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