What do we mean when we talk about “Video Bingo”? As we all know, Bingo is a game with a lot of history and widely known all over the world. One of the main features of Bingo is that it is played by a lot of people all together in the same place.

This social aspect made Bingo quite unique, because although players want to win their prizes for themselves, there is not a direct competition among them. The thrill is shared by everyone, and because the game involves chance, when someone wins, everybody else feels happy although they have not become the winners.

With the advent of internet and online gaming, the social aspect seemed hard to keep, for players would be alone in front of their computers with nobody around. One of the ways to solve this was of course, designing electronic platforms which allowed interaction among all players, in the same way a chat room allows you to talk with everybody else who is present there at the same time.

Another of the options to compensate for the lack of persons playing with you, was to embelish online Bingo games with graphic design. Thus, sound effects were added, and the game screens became varied with topics only limited by the designers’ imaginations. These are the so called Video Bingos, which do not include chat rooms to share the game with other players, but are very appealing visually.

For example, you’ll find a Video Bingo showing agent Egypt aesthetics, whereas you can also come across another one with brazilian music and rythm. Video Bingos, then, are one player games, with great designs that make them something different from just filling out some cards.

Read about some of them in the following list.




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