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Halfway between a slots game and a game of Bingo, you will find Scratch games in most online bingo sites and online casinos.

So it is good to know what they are and how to play in case you want to follow your curiosity and try one.

Many online gaming sites pay special attention to their scratching cards.

Although you can also find many other games, you will notice the importance of this kind of game and you will have lots of different options for you to play with them.

Understanding the Scratch game requires us to imagine the world before Internet became so popular.

In that world, there were of course casinos with their traditional table games that everyone know, the bingo halls clubs, churches, or other organizations, and lotteries, which are usually but not always state funded.

To play a lottery ticket you had to go to an operator and buy the ticket there, wait until the day of the draw and look up if your ticket had the winning numbers.

In the seventies, someone came up with the idea of offering a game with immediate satisfaction.

This is when Scratch cards first appeared.

The hindsight of the person who first thought of offering a game with instant gratification is undeniable.

You only need scratch the covers of the card to see the hidden figures and find out if you have won a prize.

No wonder the scratch cards have also found its place at bingo sites and online casinos with cards that have a few figures to match and the ability to see the outcome at once.

Besides, you can reclaim your prize just as quickly as you play, with no need to go back to the lottery kiosk., and are sites which have great presence of scratch games, as well as a huge variety of other games, but as we mentioned before, you will be able to find them in almost all major online gaming sites.

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