Playbonds Offers A VIP Promotion For Bingo Players


If you are a fan of Video Bingo games, has a great promotion during all of January which you won’t be able to decline, nor will you want to, of course. You will find it in their website by the “Good luck in 2013” title. This wonderful promo is mainly for VIP players or for those who want to become one, and it works as follows.

If you make bets of more than USD 1500 during the week, Playbonds will give you a prize of USD 1000 in bonus credit for the following week. Isn’t it a great opportunity? But if you want to make it really like a VIP, you can still choose to place bets for more than USD 2000, in which case you will be awarded USD 1500 in bonus credit for the following week.

The promotion will be available until January 31st, so you can start right now and enjoy it since the very beginning of the year. It is a great chance to make a very good playing experience at!

Remember that this promotion cannot be combined with other promotions. It is only valid for the Video Bingo area at, and deposits made in other areas of the casino (such as Bingo rooms or casino games) will not count either.

Should you want to cash out the winnings of this promo, you must comply first with the Rollover x15 rule before they are available for withdrawing.

The credit for this promotion, if you won the USD 1500 bonus, will be deposited in three different days of the week, by USD 500 each. In the case of the USD 1000 bonus, should you win it, you will receive it in two parts in two different days of the week, each part will be of USD 500.

Start the year playing at and become a VIP player with these wonderful bonus prizes during January!

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