Video Bingo Review: Mayan Secret Bingo at Playbonds


Mayan Secret Bingo, available at, is a video bingo game that will delight players of this kind of games because of its nice music, very good sound effects, and a lovable character that will celebrate with you every time you win prizes.

At Mayan Secret Bingo you can play with four different cards in the form of stone blocks for each number, which are distributed at each corner of the screen. You can play with all four of them or choose the number you want to play. There are nine winning combinations for each card, so the prizes are a lot.

As player, you can choose also the value for each roll of the balls in three different options: 0.05, 0.10 and 0.25. Combined with the number of cards you play and the level of your bet (from 1 to 10), the amount of credit you bet can be regulated according to how much you have available on your account. Until, that is, you earn more by gaining a great prize in the game.

Up to now, the description above speaks about a standard video bingo game. However Mayan Secret Bingo stands out due to some characteristics concerning its whole design. The graphics and the sound effects of the game make it quite an original game. The player will feel as if he were playing in the middle of a south American jungle.

Another game (a slot game in this case), Gonzo’s Quest, already had a wild environment as Gonzo, a Spanish conqueror, found the treasures of a native civilization which appeared as the player enjoyed the game. At one side of the screen, Gonzo celebrated the good news with funny expressions achieved through a great animation. In Mayan Secret Bingo, it is a member of that civilization who will accompany the player and make him enjoy even more the winning of the prizes due to his happy and funny movements.

In the background, a native music, and sounds of wild creatures and a lot of plants, even an annoying mosquito, will round up the feeling of playing outside one’s environment and make the player travel to that far away and long ago place. It all adds to a great video bingo game experience, which Playbonds is used to provide to its players through its great selection of games.

Try Mayan Secret Bingo right now, and enjoy a wonderful video bingo experience together with great prizes!

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