karambaOne online casino that allows you to play for free is the exciting Karamba.com.

However, you need to register first in order to do so, although this is totally free, and no charge is applied.

Like any other online casino, you can choose whether you want to play in Karamba.com for money or just for the fun of it without placing any real wager, the downside is that Karamba.com places a limit on the amount of free spins you can enjoy.

Once you get past the 250 turns at any game, whichever this may be, you will not be allowed to continue playing in the free game mode.

Every time you reach this limit, a pop up window will open automatically telling you that your free credit has expired, and you will be shown a link that redirects you to the cashier for you to deposit some money if you want to continue playing.

If you consider that you are not yet prepared to place a real wager you just simply don’t make any deposit or provide any credit card information. It is just as simple as that.

Although Karamba.com limits your free spins, we believe that 250 is quite a high number, so you can have a lot of fun getting to know very well all the games this online casino offers before even getting near the 250 turns limit.

This way, when the time comes to start betting real money, you will be able to choose those games which fit you best. Besides, Karamba.com (like most online casinos) provide welcome promotions and special bonuses on first deposits, so when you make your first payment you can play for twice that amount or even more. This is also another way of playing for free.

And don’t forget, gambling real money is the only way for you to also win real prizes.

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