Super 25 Bingo has a great design that makes it very easy to understand what’s going on the screen at all times. It is the perfect video bingo in case you’ve never played before. You can play completely for free. If you are an experienced user of online bingo, you will definitely enjoy this game because it’s very entertaining and dynamic.

Super 25 Bingo has 33 balls and you have the option to buy up to 10 extra balls. This means that you don’t need to worry if you don’t get lucky on the first 33 numbers, you can keep trying 10 more times to win some of the prizes available.

As in any Bingo, you will get bigger prizes when you manage to form certain shapes. At Super 25 Bingo, there are 5 different shapes you can get in order to win the prizes available.

If you get the four corners of the cards, then you will win the lowest prize. There is a bigger prize for getting an horizontal row. If you complete two horizontal rows in the same card, then you get a double line with bigger prizes.

If you are really lucky and you complete the perimeter of the card, then the prize is really great. Of course that the biggest prize available is the Bingo prize, that will be available to you when you complete every single number of the card.

Super 25 Bingo has different options to customise the game. You can choose between 10 betting options, which change the amount of money you would win if this was a game for real money.

In this case, being a free game, it doesn’t change the results but it’s a good thing to know when you are betting for real, because it increases your chances to win more and more cash.

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