Super 10 Bingo is a video bingo that combines the traditional features from online Bingo with other features that will remind you to a video game or online slot machines.

To play this game, you will be provided with four cards of three rows and five columns. There you have fifteen numbered squares to play with the numbers that come up from the balls.
Like in any other bingo, every time a number of the balls matches a number of your card, you will be able to win different prizes.

For example, when you complete the four corners of your bingo card, you will get the lowest prize, since it is equivalent of the cost of the card. When you manage to complete a horizontal row, you will win four times the amount you bet.

There are other big prizes such as the “double line”, meaning two full horizontal rows, and the perimeter, that is formed when you manage to get every single number that surrounds the card.

The biggest prize is Bingo, which is achieved by completing every single number of your card.
It will definitely make a difference because you can win the biggest amount available.

If you don´t get any of the prizes mentioned above on the first 33 balls, keep up the hope because Super 10 gives you the option of buying up to 10 extra balls. You will get a second chance before the game is over.

With Super 10 Bingo you can customize your games. There are 10 levels of different bets, you can choose to play in turbo mode, so the balls will pop out almost instantly, and you can also change cards before the game starts.

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