Pharaos Bingo was a very groundbreaking video bingo because of its innovative design and lively music. There are also various sound effects that you will discover as you play. All these features make this video bingo game a very entertaining option.

Everything is very original, when it comes to Pharaoh Bingo. Instead of playing with bingo cards, there are four pyramids divided in 15 numbered squares. The more squares you can complete by matching the numbers from your cards (or pyramids in this case) with the numbers on the balls, the bigger prizes you win.

If you don’t get any prizes on the first 30 balls, you can always complete the game with 10 extra balls. For that purpose, an Egyptian sarcophagus appears on one side of the screen and all the extra balls will appear there.

While you are playing, you can listen to the classic hit from The Bangles “Walk like an egyptian”. Thus, Pharaohs Bingo not only makes you remember the history of the humankind but the history of classic rock as well.

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