entropay.comWhen buying at any website, we are usually requested to provide our credit or debit card information.

This is something most of us do reluctantly since it makes us feel uneasy to give away our financial data. Sometimes we don´t even have a credit or debit card.

This is where Entropay helps us. Entropay is like a virtual VISA debit card which we can safely use to do all our online shopping.

Since 2003, Entropay is an online payment provider that protects user data through various security systems.

Every time you use your Entropay account for your online payments, the seller will receive your payment just as if it were done by means of an ordinary credit or debit card. Besides, Entropay is welcomed anywhere VISA is accepted.

In short, Entropay can be your own virtual VISA debit card, without the piece of plastic.

You can also receive payments directly into your Entropay account and credit your card with it, as well as make money transfers into this virtual debit card from your bank account.

This means that you can also cash your bingo winnings easily through Entropay and get a rapid access to your money. If you use your regular bank account, you can have the money transferred to it and have it at your disposal almost instantly.

Even if this does not suit you entirely, Entropay also gives you the option to request a real MasterCard debit card to do all sort of payments with it, both online or in real life. This way you are able to withdraw cash from over one million ATMs worldwide.

Just picture yourself winning some big online bingo jackpot and being able to walk down to the nearest ATM and just like that withdraw the money from your prizes.

Where to play using Entropay:


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