astropay.comAstropay Card is an electronic debit card that you can use to make your online payments. It works in the exact same way as a credit card would do.

Using Astropay enables you to do exactly the same online payments and buy the same products you can buy with an ordinary credit card.

The greatest advantage Astropay has is that your credit line and information is never exposed to third parties, and therefore you can place your payments without the service provider ever knowing any of your financial information.

To use Astropay first you must sign in at This process will take just a few minutes.

When your registration is complete, you can buy your Asropay card for one of these six available amounts: $25, $50, $75, $100, $200 and $500.

Then you must only select the payment method you want to use to buy your virtual Astropay card. You can pay by means of a bank transfer, a payment order or with your VISA credit card.

Once the transaction is completed, you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your purchase, your Astropay card number, its validation code, and expiration date.

It is with this card number that you can make any online transactions and, of course, a deposit at any online gaming site.

In order to make a payment with your Astropay card, you only need to select it as payment method on the website where you are buying a product or service.

Afterwards you will be required to fill in the necessary data, just like with any ordinary credit card, and your purchase will instantly become effective.

It is not necessary to spend all the credit available in your Astropay card at once. You can always use the money spared for future payments until there is no more credit left.

Where to play using Astropay:


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