Mega Touch: An exciting video bingo at Playbonds.

mega touch video bingo

Mega Touch is one of the Video Bingo games at

Let´s take a look at it, shall we?

Mega Touch video bingo game is slightly different from the other games.

It has four cards but their disposition is not the usual three rows and five columns or 5×5 squares cards.

The cards in Mega Touch only have six numbers in a single line.

When the balls come out, there is another big difference. Instead of many small balls, there will be only 6 of them.

You will become a winner when some of the chosen numbers match with the ones that appear at the balls.

The more matches you can get, the better the prizes will be. If you get all the 6 numbers, you will win the biggest prize available.

mega touch playbonds

Another difference you will find at Mega Touch video bingo is that you can change the numbers of the cards in a separate way, instead of changing the whole card.

In order to make this change, you have two options.

One option is to click at the SAME button below each card. This will put the exact same number at every free square.

Or you can simply choose the RANDOM button and all the numbers will appear randomly.

In case you want to change only one number, you can use the arrow up and down in order to choose the number you want in that square.

That way you will be able to single-handedly pick each number in the cards.

Video Bingos are essentialy the same, but the variations in each game are what makes them different in the feeling they generate for each player while playing. In this sense, Mega Touch combines some well-achieved design that gives it an originallity that can be interesting for many players.

Go to and you will get the chance to play Mega Touch, maybe it becomes one of your favorite video bingo games. It’s up to you!

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