Have fun with a little puppy playing “Meet Max” At Karamba.com

Max is a nice little puppy who will be making company to Karamba players in many different games. Meet Max is the first one of them, a simple and fun scratch card. The game is a fast paced one as is usually the case in all scratch cards.

You only have to choose how many pairs of Max’s footprints you wish to scratch, from one to five. Once the figures beneath the footprints are revealed, which will always be two dice, you’ll win a prize every time their numbers match. Meet Max will give you up to 200.000 coins in prizes.

Also, you can choose among six different betting levels which span from $0.25 to $10. This allows you to regulate how strong you want to bet in the game. Choosing the highest bet level will make you spend $50 on each round if you choose to play in all five set of footprints. However, when you choose the lowest level, you’ll only spend $1.25 for playing in all Max’s footprints.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to make a strong bet or a moderate one on each round. Or you can try both and decide which one to stick to according to your luck.

A nice and happy music completes the appeal of Meet Max scratch game, and will make you enjoy for the time of playing, as will also do Max’s occasional barking to give you his support.

To sum up, Meet Max really delivers the goods when it comes to scratch games, due to the immediacy of knowing your prizes and its fast paced gaming. The excitement is guaranteed, as well as the wonderful prizes and the enjoyment of Max’s company on one site of the screen. Get to know Max at Karamba.com and enjoy all the fun.

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