Karamba.com scoring programs and player categories


Karamba.com has many options for Video Bingos and you will find all of them at the games menu when you log in with your username.

One of them is Bubble Bingo, you can find the review here at Bingo-Games-Free.com.

Playing video Bingos at Karamba is really easy because all the games are in the same section of the site. You can find bingo, slot machines and casino games all together.

In other websites, the Bingo and Casino sections are usually separated and they have different promotions going on for each type of game.

This means that you need to read the terms and conditions that applies for each type of game, provided that you want to play not only bingo games, but casino games as well.

Even though Karamba.com doesn’t have bingo rooms on real time as most of the other sites, you can participate on the same scoring board in every single game, including video Bingos. It works like any other scoring program. According to the amount of credit you use on the site, your score increases and then you can exchange your points for real cash prizes.

For every $10 you bet, you get 1 reward point. As soon as your scoring increases, you will be enhancing your category as a player.

As you climb higher in the category ladder, the more (and better) rewards you’ll get.

Once that your score is high enough, you will be able to redeem your points for bonuses to be used as credit for the Karamba game room, where you can also find Video Bingos.

The higher you move up on the category scale, your points will become more and more valuable.
The best thing is that you don´t need to do anything to get this special offer! You just play and earn points for the scoring.

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