Jackpots at Bingo rooms.

bingo jackpots

Jackpots at Bingo rooms.

Online Bingo shares one thing with slot machine games you can find at real casino rooms.

In them you can get big accumulated prizes that appear every now and then.

Sometimes they are really high cash prizes and some other times it could even be a car.

These big prizes are also called Jackpots.

You couldn’t find these type of games at real life bingo rooms, but online Bingo makes Jackpots possible, and you’ll find them at most of your favorite online Bingo rooms.

On top of playing for regular prizes, there is always the chance to come across the Jackpots.

The mix between classic Bingo games and online Bingo games, will make you feel as if you were playing at any big casino from Las Vegas. Every Bingo website has their own playing rooms with their Jackpot.

For example, at Betboo.com, you will find the “Light room” and the “Betboo room”. The first one offers a $500 Jackpot and Betboo room has a $3000 Jackpot.

The game is exactly the same but the Bingo rooms with the higher Jackpot bonuses, will have more expensive cards, so the credit you deposit might run out faster if you bet on those rooms.

If you are into exciting and wild emotions, you will surely enjoy playing on the rooms you can bet the most, but if you prefer to be more cautious with your credit, you might start playing at the other rooms.

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