Seventy Five Ball Bingo is particularly popular in the U.S., and it developed from the oldest European 90 Ball Bingo.

Each maintains its popularity in its homeland; this means that you will find the 75 Balls Bingo more often in American countries.

In online Bingo sites, however, all variants are generally available, including the newest of all: an 80 Ball Bingo.

The particular characteristics of the 75 Ball Bingo is, as always, the arrangement of the game cards.

These cards form a checkered square of five columns and five rows. Thus, each card has 25 spaces to be filled, with the central space which is always left without a number, (called “Free”) and that may be used to form any figure, as a wildcard so to speak.

In addition, the numbers in 75 Ball Bingo cards are grouped in columns which cover a range fifteen numbers.

Each letter of the word Bingo covers one of these ranges: the “B” has the numbers 1 to 15 in the first column, “I” goes from 16 to 30, “N” 31 to 45, up to the “O” covering numbers 61 to 75.

This type of Bingo also enables a variety of important winning figures, besides the common line (either vertical or horizontal), such as an X extending from the upper left corner of the card to the lower right and one from the top right to bottom left.

Also, of course, there is the “Black Out” which is called when one fills an entire card.

75 Ball Bingo is the fastest of the three variants of Bingo because it has the lowest amount of numbered balls.

Perhaps its greatest advantage is the variety of figures allowed in the card, but to know what you like best you just have to try every type and pick one.

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