Bingo is a game of chance with two essential elements, which are a lot of small numbered balls (how much of them varies depending on the game’s version) and also a set of cards with a printed grid and numbers on each cell.

To play the game, the balls are mixed up in a recipient, which usually is a hollow sphere or wheel made of some transparent material or maybe of curved wires.

The balls are drawn one by one, and each player must check his own card or cards to see if the number of the drawn ball is on his grid. In case it does, the number must be marked.

Prizes are won by anyone who completes some figure by checking the number on his card. For example, a complete horizontal line made up of side by side checked cells in the grid is one of them. It can be a vertical line also, or a diagonal one stretching from one corner to another.

More elaborate figures will mean the greatest prices, such as an X shape in the card, and of course, the wholly covered grid.

Here in the site you will find a lot of information about all types and versions of bingo games, its history, its rules, and the websites where you can play bingo for free or betting real money to win great prizes in cash.



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