“7 Gold Scratch”, where you scratch and find the gold at Betboo


If you are looking for a great scratch card game, you can give 7 Gold Scratch a try, available at Betboo.com. Scratchs are a simpler variety of the typical online bingo games you can usually find on the internet.

These games are really popular because they are very easy to play and also you find out if you are a winner rather quickly. In 7 Gold Scratch you will have long hours of fun, not only on the free version of the game but also on the real cash deposits game.

7 Gold Scratch consists in 9 squares with a hidden number. Each square has different cash prizes, or they could also have a Golden 7. In order to start the game, you need to click on the “Buy Card” button on the lower side of the screen. Then you need to move the mouse on the surface where the 9 squares are.

As you move the cursor of the mouse around, the covered squares will reveal the number or the figure there is beneath them, and you will hear the sound of the surface being scratched.

If you scratch 3 squares with the same number, you will win that amount in cash prizes. If when scratching you get 3 Golden 7, then you get one more square to scratch and you could win a higher amount of money. This number is random and it varies from game to game.

The “Paytable” button, will show you all the information about payments, according to the symbol you get below each square of your playing card.

You can also choose between scratching the squares by moving your mouse or you can choose the option “Scratch All” and then you will be able to see at once, all the prizes and also the golden square.

A funny detail about 7 Scratch Card is that you can choose three different tools in order to scratch the squares. You can choose between a simple button, a hair clip or a guitar pick.

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