Have Fun Playing Disco Keno: Read The Review

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Disco Keno is a very enjoyable keno game – which are a variation of the classic bingos – for those who love the thrill of seeing the small balls come out and check how many of its numbers are included in their card.

As in all bingo games, you must choose how many cards you wish to play with, and like in most video bingos you can choose the bet level you wish to play in. This means that you can decide how much to pay for each card, and in this way control the amount of money you spend in your game.

Of course that the higher price you pay for each card, the higher the game’s prizes will be. But its up to you to decide the betting level when you play Disco Keno and every other video bingo you can find around.

For example, you can play with a few cards at a high betting lever or pay little money for each one but use all of the available cards instead. Disco Keno allows you to play with up to eight cards and up to 6 bet levels.

The cards in this game are formed by three columns and five rows. You will see them displayed on the lower part of the game’s screen, whilst the twenty balls used in this game will appear on a horizontal tube just above the cards. A huge numbered rectangle divided in different cells occupies the top part of the screen, and here all the numbers which appear in the balls will be marked.

When you get two numbers in one card, that will be a winning card already, although giving you the lowest prize. If you happen to match all 15 numbers from a card with the numbered balls, you will gain up to 10,000 times the amount of your bet.

But this isn’t the easiest prize to get, as you can imagine. Never mind, because lots of the intermediate prizes awarded by Disco Keno are quite attractive too.

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