Combined Bingo Room At Betmotion With Free And Paid Cards


In, you can enter a bingo room to play for free and win big prizes without betting, or you can also play with free and paid cards at the same time. When playing with paid cards, you can get prizes up to 5 times bigger. The good thing is that you can combine free gaming and real bets.

There are two different ways of enjoying online Bingo at for free and win real prizes all the same. One of them is Free Bingo, where all the cards you play with are completely free.

On the other side, there is the Super Free Bingo where you can play also with paid cards. Both options are available at the Bingo Mania room.

In order to enjoy both games, you need to do as follows:

Free Bingo will take place every day at 2 am, 9 am, 1pm and 8pm (GMT-3). Here you can simply enter the Bingo room with your username and password and you can play with up to 18 free cards. You will be provided eight opportunities to win with the simple line and double line combinations, and of course, bingo (when you get the full card covered).

On the other side, Free Super Bingo will allow you to win bigger prizes because here you can choose with how many of the 36 free cards to play.

In order to play this way, you need to get into the Bingo Manía room at 2.30 am, 9.30 am, 1.30 pm and 8.30 pm (GMT-3).

When you win on the free cards, you get bonuses to play bingo at, whereas you will get real cash prizes when playing with paid game cards.

When you choose how many free cards and paid cards (also called “Super cards”), you will see the amount of money you will need to bet on the lower side of the screen. Paid cards will be marked with a yellow S in a red background so you will know exactly which prizes you can win on each one of them.

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