Bubble Bingo Review

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At Karamba.com you will find a fun Video Bingo called Bubble Bingo.

Its simple design allows you to easily grasp the possibilities of the game, because with just a few buttons you can handle all the options available.
To begin with, Bubble Video Bingo supports up to twelve cards, a little more than most regular video bingo games where you can play with four or six.

They have three rows and five columns each, this way it keeps a more traditional format of the cards.

Playing with twelve cartons increases the excitement, although, of course, adding each one consumes part of your available credit. It all depends on how much risk you plan to take while playing.

Another distinctive feature of this game is that Bubble Bingo allows you to change the price of each card.

This enables you to regulate your total betting amount. Naturally, the higher the price of your cards the bigger the prizes you can win.

Beyond the prizes of this game, this video bingo is very funny because it comes with music which is a bit childish, like that of a circus or of a cartoon series for children.

It is good for online electronic games to carry us to other times or other worlds, and with this music and its colorful display, Bubble Bingo does a good job in that regard.

It is quite original to see all the numbered balls floating in the air in a sort of test tube, and then watching your card boxes light up according to the numbers that you match.

karamba bingo

The game is complete after three rounds of balls. At the end of the third round you will know how much you have gained during the play.

You can play Bubble Video Bingo at Karamba.com.

If you are not yet a registered user of this site, you can become one in a few seconds and begin enjoying this game as well as all the others available.

Moreover, if it is your first at Karamba.com, you get a welcome bonus that enlarges your credit and therefore you can have some fun without betting, in order to get to know the game.

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