Betsson: Mini bingo games and Chat Bingo

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Chat Bingo are parallel games that you can play while you are chatting at any online bingo, waiting for the next turn on the bingo balls.

They make the waiting more fun and exciting, and you get the chance to earn great prizes.

At, there are a wide variety of chat games you can play.

Here we will tell you all about the ones you can find at Betsson, but of course that every website will have their own games.

Also, mini chat bingo games, are very simple. Mostly you will have to find any number of the next balls to come.

In any case, every chat moderator or chat host will establish the rules for every game.

Let´s see what Chat Bingo games are all about:


You have to choose 3 numbers between 1 and 90. Betsson always plays the same numbers (22,37 and 52). If the 3 numbers of your choice appear before Betsson numbers, you won the game!

To claim your price, you simply have to write at the chat window: “I have beaten BetssonBingo + (your numbers)”.

Three in a row

You pick 3 numbers in a row (e.g. 3,4 and 5). If these numbers appear at the game, you will have to type a message at the chat window very similar to the previous one to inform that you have won. The numbers you choose need to be between 1 and 90.

Mini Keno

Pick six numbers between 1 and 90. If at least three of them appear during the first 20 balls of the game, you win a price that you have to claim by typing the message with the text “Minikeno + (your 3 winning numbers)”.

Mirror Bingo

You pick two numbers between 1 and 90 formed by the same single numbers (e.g. 14/41 – 15/51 – 23/32). If both numbers appear during the game, you are the winner.

BlackJack Bingo

On this game, you have to type at the chat window three numbers with the second figure summing up the amount of 21. If those 3 numbers appear, you can claim the prize with the message “Blackjack + (your winning numbers)”.

These are only some of the mini Bingo games you can play at the online bingo rooms. So make sure that you are choosing rooms which include this option, like

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