Try Betmotion’s Great Scratch Games

Betmotion Scratch Games

Would you like to give a try at playing scratch games? If this is the case, you will certainly love Betmotion’s scratch game section. Not only does it offer a great variety of scratch card games but also a good amount of them.

These games are maybe the most simple games you can find in the world of online gambling, but they keep the thrill of other widely known ones such as live bingo rooms or video bingos. Not to mention some casino games also, like online slots or card games. Scratch cards allow you to win wonderful cash prizes too.

Once you enter your account in Betmotion and choose the Bingo part of the website, you will see many tabs displayed for you to select one of them. They are Bingo Rooms, Video Bingos, Keno, Promos, and Scratch Games. When you get into this last one, you will realize why scratch games are important in Betmotion: there are sixty different games to choose from. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Should you be an inexperienced online player, scratch cards are an excellent option to become familiar with online bingo. If, on the contrary, you are a pro, I think you’ll enjoy the chance to give yourself a break from the classic online bingo with the balls falling and from matching your numbered cards with them.

With scratch games you get to know instantly if you have won a prize, in just one or two seconds. This allows for a good thrill when you play in them, because the game becomes really fast paced.

Some of the scratch games available in Betmotion are Spy Comics, Golden Ghouls, Pharaos Gems, or Treasure Tomb to name but a few. You only need to select the corresponding tab and choose which one to start with.

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