Betmotion – Win a Mercedes Benz!!!


At there is a unique bingo room called Bingo Mania.

Well, there are many others, but Bingo Mania has a striking appearance that will make you especially consider it. The point is that at Bingo Mania you can win a full equipped Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe.

Perhaps, changing your old car that you intended for next year, will come before than expected.

The promotion lasts until the end of 2012, so you have the next four months and a half to strike a chance and win this beautiful Mercedes.

In order to win, you have to buy your bingo cards and play in the Bingo Mania room at If you fill the card in the first 25 balls, you will automatically win the car.

Such kind of prizes is the reason of the outstanding leadership has regarding online casino sites.

But of course, in addition to the wonderful prizes the site offers a host of other benefits such as 24-7 customer service, an enormous variety of games, and state of the arts design and programming.

But there is a lot more. If the Bingo Mania jackpot is not won by completing your card in the first 25 balls, but you are lucky to fill your card in the first 35 balls, you will be able to win an Apple iPad 3.

You can try to win the Mercedes – there’s nothing wrong to have high aspirations-, but you will not stay empty handed if your luck comes at a slightly slower pace and you manage to make a BINGO in the first 35 balls.

One way or another, these two options are worth the try.

However, there are all sorts of prizes at Bingo games for those who do not manage to complete their bingo cards with the first 25 or 35 balls.

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