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Are you fond of great Video Bingo Games? Then you should try the free gaming mode in Pachinko at Originally a game of chance which appeared in Japan around the Second World War, Pachinko is a very popular game in that country. You can find rooms everywhere, where people go to play at Pachinko machines in the same way as people in western countries play in slot machines.

However, in the world of online bingo games, Pachinko has become one of the most popular video bingos, and at you can enjoy this great game for free or in real money mode. Whichever you choose, the fun and enjoyment are guaranteed, since Pachinko is quite a simple game that anyone can come to master in little time.

As a video bingo, Pachinko offers four cards with fifteen numbers each, organized in three rows and five columns. You can play with the four cards in each draw or you can lower that number to the one you want.

When you start your game, the balls will fall down through a tube in the center of the screen, and will gather in a horizontal bar at the bottom of the game window. Each number which appears in the balls will be highlighted in the cards in case it is also there.

When you get a winning figure, whether it is a horizontal line, two, a square, a triangle, and of course bingo (among many other figures), you’ll hear special sounds letting you know that you are getting lucky. You can play extra balls to carry on your strike of luck, which you will see coming down from the center area of the screen.

Eastern music will be playing during the game, which will make you more enjoyable still the time you spend playing Pachinko at Should you decide to play with real money, the real prizes will start coming your way soon enough. So grab your sense of triumph and start playing Pachinko at

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